Michael Maine, MSEd

Superintendent of Schools for the Martin County School District

I am a seasoned organizational leader with 15+ years of strategic planning as well as instructional program design and implementation experience in the public education industry. Recognized for overseeing a dynamic, two-year organizational transformation of a troubled D-rated educational institution into a thriving A-rated school, as well as for developing and deploying strategic programs to recruit and develop talented educators. Professional focal points include organizational strategy organizational transformations, recruitment, personnel learning and development, education administration, instructional program design and evaluation, finance, and budgeting. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires utilization of effective leadership and communication skills, as well as consensus building, conflict resolution, resource management, and problem-solving to support efficiency and maximum returns.

Currently, I am the Deputy Superintendent with Martin County School District. Under my leadership, I lead and supervise all Martin County schools, alternative schools, charter schools, and an Environmental Studies center. I also facilitate instructional leadership training, instructional learning walks, and quarterly meetings to devise and update action plans for each school site. In addition, I liaise with senior leadership, stakeholders, and teams to ensure the district’s operations support structure is fully functional to drive organizational and learner success.

Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, leadership and organizational strategy expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and under budget.