George Hummer

Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools in Virginia

Dr. Hummer is originally from New Jersey and moved to Virginia in 1994. He graduated from Chancellor High School in Fredericksburg and received a bachelor of arts degree from Radford University in 2005. Hummer also holds a master’s degree in educational leadership and special education from the University of Mary Washington and a doctorate in educational leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has been an adjunct professor of educational leadership and special education at the University of Mary Washington for the past three years and has been a featured speaker at several state meetings for the Virginia Department of Education.

Dr. Hummer credits his mother, who was a lifelong special education teacher, with inspiring him to pursue a career in education. He began his career as a special education teacher, athletic director, and football and basketball coach at Battlefield Middle School in Fredericksburg. After serving in those roles from 2005 to 2012, Dr. Hummer was named assistant principal at Rodney Thompson Middle School in Stafford and served in that capacity for three years.

In 2015, Dr. Hummer was named the Supervisor of Student Services and Special Education for Stafford County Public Schools. Four years later, he became Stafford County Public Schools’ Executive Director of Student Services and Special Education. Last year, he was named the school division’s Chief Student Support Services Officer.

As a teacher, Dr. Hummer was recognized with a Teacher of the Year Award and improving the performance of his students. As a central office administrator, Dr. Hummer has spent countless hours supporting students, families and staff while working to develop better procedures to help bridge the achievement gap for all students. In 2021, the Virginia Council of Administrators of Special Education recognized Dr. Hummer with the Mary Lou Wall Award for Early Special Education Leadership. The award recognizes individuals who are in their first three years of leading a school division’s special education services and exemplify five values: (1) Heart- the passion to serve, nurture and care; (2) Leadership by example; (3) Honesty; (4) Creative thinking; and (5) Collaboration.

Dr. Hummer says, “I take pride in building positive and authentic relationships with families and community stakeholders. I have an extensive record of genuinely working with families to ensure all students are supported and given the opportunity reach their full potential. In my various leadership roles, I’ve worked hard to improve student academic performance, narrow gaps in student access and opportunity, and increase the availability of student support services. During my time in Stafford County, I’m most proud of the inclusive work we have done to help create a culture that emphasizes support and innovation.”