A Day in the Life of a Teacher

The tension between the schoolhouse and the district office seems to have always existed, regardless of how large or small a district may be, and it can become a board issue if not addressed early on. Underlying resentments and conflict become especially evident when it’s time for annual salary negotiations, when budgets get cut, when […]

6 Questions Superintendents Must Ask Their Special Ed Directors Now

For the past eight months, school districts around the country have spent the bulk of their time and resources trying to manage a pandemic, keep students and staff safe, and deal with public perception issues in the media and political arenas. Even with all of that piled on their plates, districts and the superintendents who […]

Child Care, Students’ Internet Top Teacher Concerns

The winds of K-12 reopenings seem to be shifting nationally toward remote, or all-online, learning to start the 2020-2021 school year. Even in a hybrid environment, most students will still have three days a week of remote learning. Since it appears most students and educators around the U.S. will be engaging heavily in virtual learning […]

Unlocking Potential

My childhood relocation from Italy in the early 1970’s could have easily made me a student who succumbed to the risk, storm, and stress that many children face every day. As such, I have committed myself to a hyper-vigilance about understanding the why and how students drift away from public schools. A few years ago, […]